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Cannabis 101: Make the Most of Your Medicine

Finding a routine that works for you empowers you to feel good and live your best life. There's a lot of information out there about cannabis - but you don't need a master's degree in science to understand the basics of this powerful plant. What Factors Affect My Experience? Your experience of cannabis' effects is

Cannabis 101: Make the Most of Your Medicine2024-05-06T15:22:06+00:00

Edibles: How the Cookie Crmbls

When new medicines come out it’s important to understand how they work. Edibles are not only a broad category of medicine but also a new route of administration.  We’ve made an easy to use resource to help you understand exactly what you’ll need to be dispensed edibles, what edibles are according to the Florida Department

Edibles: How the Cookie Crmbls2024-05-06T15:23:29+00:00

Exploring Edibles with Ethan Zohn

In this class, cannabis crusader and two-time cancer survivor Ethan Zohn joins our Lead Community Educator Saige Petzen to guide us through the world of edibles. You’ll hear Ethan’s personal story of how using cannabis has helped him thrive through the incredible challenges he’s faced. Plus, a deep dive into edibles expertise exploring their potential

Exploring Edibles with Ethan Zohn2024-05-06T20:18:02+00:00