Finding a routine that works for you empowers you to feel good and live your best life.

There’s a lot of information out there about cannabis – but you don’t need a master’s degree in science to understand the basics of this powerful plant.

What Factors Affect My Experience?

Your experience of cannabis’ effects is personal, and how you interact with a product won’t be the same as someone else. Relief varies greatly from person to person.

There are several factors that influence how a product will make you feel. Understanding their role is the key to unlocking a cannabis routine that supports your health and wellness goals and keeps you feeling your best. Some factors that can impact your experience include:

  • Your endocannabinoid system: A complex biological system in your body is responsible for the effects of cannabis and is as unique as your fingerprint.
  • Personal tolerance: Your history of previous use impacts your experience. Generally, the more you consume, the higher your tolerance, or resistance to effects.
  • Product type and dosage: What kind of product you’re consuming, whether it’s oral, topical, or vapor all make a difference.
  • Set & setting: How, when, and where you’re consuming cannabis can influence your psychological response.
  • Sleep & diet: Quality of sleep, sustenance and proper nutrition can change the effects of your cannabis products.
  • Cannabinoids: The compounds in the specific plant product you’re consuming can range in impacts.
 Cannabinoid  Effects
 THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)  Psychoactive, high-inducing
 CBD (Cannabidiol)  Psychoactive, not high-inducing
 CBN (Cannabinol)  Psychoactive, not high-inducing
 CBG (Cannabigerol)  Psychoactive, not high-inducing
Which Cannabis Product is Best for Me?

The beauty of cannabis is the variety of ways you can consume it. You can vaporize flower or concentrates, use oil cartridges, or choose from one of many other options.

Topical & oral products:

  • Edibles (gummies, chocolates)
  • Beverages (juice, seltzers)
  • Topicals
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
How Much Should I Take?

Start with a low dose of a cannabis product and take it slowly to fully gauge how it makes you feel. As you adjust, you can tweak the dosage as needed.

The golden rule of cannabis consumption, especially when trying new products is: go slow and start low.

Cannabis dose is measured in milligrams, with which many Americans aren’t familiar. Here’s a guide:

  • A small dose of cannabis: 1 – 5 mg, with 2.5 mg usually suggested for new products.
  • A medium dose of cannabis: 6 – 12 mg. At this dose, you’ll start to feel the effects more strongly and if your product includes THC, you may feel high.
  • A large dose of cannabis: 15 – 50 mg. Experienced users and certain medical patients, may need a mega dose, which is 50+ mg, and can go as high 100 mg.

Ultimately, the question of which cannabis products and routines are best for you is intensely personal. And when it comes to cannabis, there are no silly questions.

Have More Questions?

There’s a lot of information to wade through, and it can be confusing whether you’re just starting out or have been enjoying the plant for years. The ability to personalize your cannabis routine is the biggest benefit of plant medicine, but identifying the right products for you is also the biggest challenge.